Denise (Noosa, Australia)

“Worth every cent and more!”

The flight left 30 mins late because of sea fog, but we were assured that the 30 mins would be extended onto the afternoon. Flight over was so calm over cloud-covered valleys, soaring peaks we could nearly touch and no sign of human activity. Landed on an originally made by one man airstrip. We all knew we were in a special part of the world, boat trip to reach morning tea destination. Was yummy and coffee was even hot! (How did they do that!) Off through the narrows to the Southern Ocean and around to the blowhole and to see three sea eagles. How lucky can we be! Off to Balmoral Beach for a wonderful lunch and wine. I didn’t hear anyone else complain about the meal. Coming back towards the airstrip the skipper had to stop the boat as the reflections were so good he was almost feeling disorientated. James, our pilot, was given an impromptu hug by one of the passengers as she had, had such a wonderful time. We saw land where no one could have ever walked. What a privilege! Go and do it!