• Michael (Sydney, Australia)

    “Unspoiled Wilderness”

    I’d be happy if no one else came here as the isolation is part of the appeal. My three days here was wonderful, despite the area living up to its reputation for wild weather. But then, that’s part of the experience & you add another layer. Can’t wait to return.


  • Connie (Stuttgart, Germany)

    “The only way to see the REAL Tasmania”

    Great 6-hour experience. We spent two hours flying over the remote south coast and SW wilderness mountains. It truly gives you a perspective of size and “remote”. Our pilot, Michael, also a great raconteur, made the day very interesting with his local knowledge…Well worth the $$$, A fabulous start to our Tassie adventure.

  • Paul (Hobart, Australia)

    “Absolutely amazing day in the Southwest of my home state!!”

    My family and I did the Day in the Wilderness Tour with James as our tour guide at Melaleuca and Gavin as our pilot on the way back to Cambridge.

    We had an absolutely amazing time, and it was definitely a memorable experience.

    This trip got cancelled for us a number of times due to poor weather conditions – the joys of living in this totally unpredictable but incredible state of ours – but my gosh was it worth the wait!!! We couldn’t have asked for better weather on this day.

    I would highly recommend this tour to anyone that is either local or visiting! Such a beautiful part of the state that I have never considered going to.

    Thank you Par Avion for an unforgettable day!!

  • Denise (Noosa, Australia)

    “Worth every cent and more!”

    The flight left 30 mins late because of sea fog, but we were assured that the 30 mins would be extended onto the afternoon. Flight over was so calm over cloud-covered valleys, soaring peaks we could nearly touch and no sign of human activity. Landed on an originally made by one man airstrip. We all knew we were in a special part of the world, boat trip to reach morning tea destination. Was yummy and coffee was even hot! (How did they do that!) Off through the narrows to the Southern Ocean and around to the blowhole and to see three sea eagles. How lucky can we be! Off to Balmoral Beach for a wonderful lunch and wine. I didn’t hear anyone else complain about the meal. Coming back towards the airstrip the skipper had to stop the boat as the reflections were so good he was almost feeling disorientated. James, our pilot, was given an impromptu hug by one of the passengers as she had, had such a wonderful time. We saw land where no one could have ever walked. What a privilege! Go and do it!


  • Alan (Saskatoon, Canada)


    Had a glorious days weather to enjoy this trip. The flight down over the coastal region & the return near Federation Peak is stunning. The multi-tasking female guide was great & the boat trip is amazing.


  • Jessie (Tokyo, Japan)

    “An amazing experience”

    We flew along the coast, boarded boats through the National Park, had tea, then lunch on beaches. James is an extraordinary pilot, captain and guide. After the visit to the park, we flew inland over the Park’s mountains. It was all amazing!


  • Ellice (Adelaide, Australia)


    The whole day was just amazing. We were lucky with weather and we were able to go all the way to the Breaksea Islands. We also saw about nine orange bellied parrots!